50 Hz LGR Dehumidifier Rentals


Phoenix Restoration Equipment


  • Category

    LGR Dehumidifier

  • Rating

  • Frequency (Hz)

    50 Hz

  • Power


  • Portable


  • Length

    20 in.

  • Width

    20 in.

  • Height

    33.5 in.

  • Weight

    104 lbs.

Features of the 50Hz LGR Dehumidifier

When looking for 50 Hz LGR desiccant dehumidifier rentals, look no further than the newest class of LGR dehumidifiers the Phoenix R200. The unit is no larger than a standard , medium-sized class LGR, yet the R200 has components designed to produce extra-large sized performance. While removing 125 pints per day (AHAM), the unit only draws 8.3 amps from a 20” x 20” footprint that only weighs in at 104 lbs. The established LGR design is surrounded by a durable roto-molded high impact plastic to create a dehumidifier that is both smaller and lighter than competitive units.

Not only does the unit pack performance into a compact size, but it also has patented bypass technology for operation during high temperatures, increased airflow up to 325 CFM, various ducting options with 12” intake duct tabs on the lid and a wire duct collar for 10” lay flat duct on the exhaust, R-410A refrigerant, and remarkable air filtration with a pleated media MERV-11 filter. To take accurate psychometric readings, the outlet grill is configured to accept a variety of thermo-hygrometer probes such as Vaisala, Humiport, Protimeter, etc. The unit has a 25-ft. power cord and a 33-ft. condensate hose that store conveniently inside the hinged lid. The R200 is the latest member of the Phoenix line of LGR dehumidifiers; the most versatile and effective drying devices made.

The R200 also shares all of the features that made the previous R175 a favorite among restoration professionals. Similar to the R175, the new R200 is lightweight, has large inset wheels, a durable retractable handle, and a bevel edged cabinet, making it the most maneuverable dehumidifier on the market. This is one potent portable dehumidifier that would be perfect for any drying professional’s arsenal. We have multiple units available that can be rented out nationally for short term or long term projects.

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