Portable Air Mover Rentals

2.5 Amp Air Mover

Dry Air


  • Category

    Air Mover/Fan

  • Rating

    500 CFM

  • Frequency

    60 Hz.

  • Power


  • Portable


  • Length

    16 in.

  • Width

    21 in.

  • Height

    22 in.

  • Weight

    34 lbs.

Features Of The Air Mover:

For portable air mover rentals, there’s nothing better than the Gale Force Air Mover.  These Air Movers only require 2.5 amps, allowing for multiple units to be connected on the same circuit (up to six when using a 15-amp outlet). This will increase the amount of area you can reach, maximizing your time as well as your overall drying capability.

The Air Mover’s design allows for it to be placed in close proximity to walls and other surfaces and its advanced technology offers improved drying over longer distances due in part to a thermally protected motor with a 5-point motor mount.

The unit’s design incorporates a full 16” diameter air mover powered by a high performance motor and streamlined fan blade constructed to maximize airflow and CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per unit. Contractors and drying professionals will experience significantly more power during a typical drying job due in part to the Air Mover’s economical and streamlined design.

Not only do the units maximize airflow with minimum amperage, Dry Air has also engineered a distinct, performance pitch design. By placing the unit at a precise, recommended angle and pitch, moisture is extracted from drying areas nearly double the size of areas that competitor’s units are capable of handling. This is the reason why the Gale Force Air Mover is a necessity for drying professionals in today’s competitive construction and restoration environment.

More Features and Benefits:

  • Industry Recognized as “the best selling air mover in the industry”.
  • High performance, 2.5-amp motor provides 68% more airflow than competitors.
  • Performance pitch enhancement dries an area twice the size of other brands.
  • Designed with “channels air flow” configuration for faster drying.
  • Stackable locking system offers a variety of on-site and storage options.
  • Runs up to six fans on a single 15-amp outlet.
  • Optional stand gives you an infinite variety of ways to redirect airflow.
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